Artificial Grass – How To Transform Your Garden

Artificial Grass, A Forever Lawn

Artificial grass is an imitate grass used as a surface material, generally on areas where grass cannot grow or when it is difficult to maintain the natural grass. Artificial grass can be installed in homes, offices, gardens, sports stadiums, landscaping, play areas, roof tops, entertainment areas and wherever you want to see greenery. Many companies designed artificial grass to appear realistic, maintenance is low and is easy to install,  which is why, offices and house owners are interested in this. Especially, for house owners who love and maintains dogs at their home, synthetic grass works wonder as the maintenance is less for it compared to natural lawn. There is special concern with natural lawn at home with dogs, as they can dig the grass, and make the grass untidy, which can be avoided by pets and dog friendly artificial grass. Artificial grass can also be installed on the top of existing grass and apart from this, with synthetic grass realistic appearance, and one can view greenery all around the year.

Installation of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a great solution for toughest natural lawn maintenance problems, such as dry and dead grass, weeds, pet damaged laws, spotty lawns, shaded areas, season influences on lawn and many more. Some of the other reasons to buy artificial grass is to save from sandy and muddy lawns and also saves usage of water. Before installing artificial grass, an aggregate sub-base will be laid to assure easy and free layer for draining under the grass. For installing the synthetic grass, first thing that should be checked is the base, which should either be concrete or soil. Whatever the base is, it must be leveled and smoothed as uneven surfaces cannot give beautiful look. For absorbing rainwater and any form of water, an intricate drainage system have to be installed first and this is applicable for all outdoor applications.

Materials used for filling the grass are either rubber pellets, crumbled cork, sand or a mixture of sand, and it is spread over the layer of grass and is raked down. These materials will support the fiber, providing a surface with some give and feels more natural with the soil under the surface. Materials such as sand is the most porous type of filling and covers the entire area of lawn evenly and consistently to ensure a base with stable draining system for years. The final level is heavily compacted ensuring no movement of the base of materials for longer years. As steady base is required if any play equipment are being placed on the grass. However, there are some limitations for these fillings, which may break, in case of cork, after some years of installation or sometimes fillings can be contaminated or the fibers may no longer supported, requiring for replacing all the fillings.


It is also easy to maintain mess made by dogs with artificial grass, by cleaning the surface with warm soapy water as soon as possible after the mess is made by pets. Hosing down on the grass periodically helps in removing lingering odors, avoiding highly toxic chemicals and detergents that could be dangerous to pets and children. Materials used for making grass are soft and springy, making it dog friendly artificial grass, where dogs can roll, lay down and run on all year long.




Artificial Grass – The Best Ranges Of Artificial Grass

What Are the Reasons for Choosing Artificial Grass?

Well, there are many well thought out and good reasons to go for artificial garden grass. The artificial lawns are much easier to maintain and look after compared to the regular lawns and being the homeowner you don’t have to encounter much trouble and seasonal surprises with these artificial lawns. The need of dedicated gardener will also rolls out if you install the Artificial Grass in your home garden. Therefore, making it the most affordable and durable option for lawns and gardens in home. The artificial lawns also improvise the quality of your garden and lawns and the surfaces are free maintenance. There will be no bumps and uneven surfaces when your kids are playing in the lawn. Below are some good reasons for investing in the Artificial Lawn Grass.

Low Maintenance Cost

The natural lawns usually demand for lots of dedication and maintenance and if you are bust working professional, then you Artificial Grasshardly get time for mowing the grasses in your garden and lawns. But this can be eliminated if you opt for the artificial turf. It requires no mowing, seeding, watering or any maintenance services. It may be a large investment upfront at the time of installation, but in long run it would prove to be cheaper and affordable than the natural counterpart. After its installation you hardly need to spend time or money on these artificial turfs and it will consistently give you the feeling of real lawn and save the trouble of fertilizing and mowing.

Environmentally Friendly

People and homeowners who want to contribute to the environment around them and want something that is eco-friendly then synthetic grasses are the best option to opt for. The Artificial Grass not just only save you hard earned money, but also saves thousands of liters of water which you would waste for watering the turfs during summer droughts. It also saves you from investing in fertilizers and herbicides which are used to keep the natural grass beautiful, thereby protecting the environment from the harmful chemicals released by these herbicides and fertilizers.

Artificial Grass is Pet Friendly

Pets especially the dogs tend to ruin your well mowed lawns and gardens either by digging holes or sometime killing the grass and there are also issues of muddy paws on the cream carpet. Well, this can be stopped and eliminated to certain extent if you install Artificial Grass on your lawns. This is the permanent solution to solve these issues.

The artificial turfs are considered safe for the pets at home and it is hard to wear out after daily abuses offered by your dogs and other pets. They will not be able to destroy it; even the strongest paws can destroy the artificial synthesis grasses. Moreover, these artificial turfs are made out of synthesis products which won’t get discolored by the urine of the dog and they don’t retain the smell of the dog urine. It will clean itself when water is passed through it. Overall it is the win-win situation for you and your dog as they can enjoy the garden to the fullest and it will remain clean and the garden would look green for years to come with maintenance and tension of mowing.

Suitable for All Seasons

The artificial turfs are used in garden and lawns all year round. It is suitable for all seasons and also in winters. It is durable and last for years to come. These artificial turfs are subjected to less tear and wear compared to the traditional natural grass. The Artificial Grass will never be a problem in winters or summer and it can even withstand any climactic conditions including rainy days and shiny days. You don’t need to face any issue regarding mud being traipsed in the house during rainy days from your lawns.

Minimal Injuries Than Natural Grass

There are many studies that prove that the synthesis grasses tend to have lower rate injuries compared to the natural grass. Today, most of the sport centers well as professional arenas across the world are using these artificial turfs. They are sturdy and also appreciated by the sport players and athletes because Artificial Grass offers them with a reliable surface to play on.


Benefits Of The Artificial Grass And Factors To Consider

Benefits Of The Artificial Grass And Factors To Consider!

There are many reasons why people prefer opting the artificial grass for different purposes. Everyone wants to make their places attractive. At the same time, they also want cleanliness and maintenance at their respective places. This is why they want artificial grass in their lawns and at different places. An artificial grassland is ten times simpler to look after and also maintain as compared to a regular lawn. With the artificial lawn, you do not need to face as much as trouble and surprises as per the seasons.

Most of the people try to rely on the artificial grass because of a wide range of reasons. If you are also interested in using artificial grass in your garden, then there is no need to have a dedicated and professional gardener to look after it all the time. Of course, this kind of grass will prove you affordable in the long run as it also helps you save money because of less or negligible amount of money needed to maintain and take care of it. Lawn owners can take care of the artificial grass on their own.

How can artificial grass benefit me?

There are many benefits you can see to use the artificial grass by getting it from Astro Turf rather than the traditional grass options. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It can enhance the quality of your garden by giving it reliable and even surfaces. Moreover, it also has a free maintenance. There are no bumps and uneven surface that will get in way of the game.
  • It has low maintenance cost. In the beginning, the more chances, it may need larger investment. At the end, you will find that it needs only a small amount of money or sometimes negligible amount of money than real grass.
  • It also remains looking fresh and green all year around.
  • It is environment friendly in nature. It does not need water throughout the summer droughts, fertilizers, and herbicides. This way, it can protect the environment from detrimental effects.
  • Artificial grass is a suitable option for all seasons. It can be used in all seasons and work for a long time. It is subjected to only less wear and tear as compared to standard grass.
  • Last but not the least, pets love artificial lawn. Some people take this thing as a reason to buy this grass to make their pets happy. It is safe for pets.

To experience these benefits, you can buy artificial lawn from a reputed retailer both online and offline. All you need to do is to research well about the quality of the artificial grass.

Factors not to neglect

Quality and price are not only the major factors that affect the selection of the artificial grass. There are many other things that are important to consider. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Pile height: It is one of the most essential things. Without this factor, you cannot buy a right artificial grass. It is important to go for a pile height of between 30 and 37 mm. if you proceed this range, then it may be risk to get it. This is why it is good to understand the pile height before buying it.
  • Color: The next thing to take care is the color. There are different color variations you can see in the market. You will have to buy the right shade of green with the combination of a brown fleck, which is known as thatch or brown root zone. This way, you will get a replica of real grass. Get only the natural colored green grass to get a natural look. Greens are available in different shades like lime greens, darker greens and olive greens.
  • Density: The height of the pile is just half the story. At the same time, it is essential to seek for the density of the artificial lawn and also the weight according to m2. When it comes to the good quality grass, it will have a weight as per m2 of about 3 kg.

Once you realize these factors, you need to look for the samples. There are free samples of the artificial lawn that you can obtain by finding a reliable provider like Astro Turf. You should select the company that offers the installation guidance and other things as well. So, get this grass right now.

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